Native Apollo Chukka Hydro

Native Apollo Chukka Hydro

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Classic desert trekkers silhouette. Inspired by the footwear of choice for exploring astral landscapes here on earth, intergalactic implementation seemed like the obvious next step.

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  • Weighs the same as 24 1/2 regular sized marshmallows

  • No Sew construction

  • A special blend of microfiber

  • Airflow

  • Anti-Anti Gravity

  • Beast Free

  • Shock absorbant

Every Native Shoe is built on some very specific ingredients, and it’s important for you to understand what goes into our secret sauce. It’s a trifecta of Classic Footwear, Future Technology and a heavy dose of Lite-Ness. When these ingredients are combined, a magical reaction occurs, and from the smoke a Future Classic will emerge - a Native Shoe is revealed.